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Sichuan Sowell International Trade Co., Ltd established in september 2019 to meet the growing international business.We have branch in Ningbo, Shanghai, CA USA.  Our main business scope is to provide products and services for foreign purchasers, retailers and other procurement needs from China. We have good relationship with our partner all over the world. Our existing product line include baby products, household daily necessities, outdoor products, clothing and textile, auto parts, hardware and electricity, etc. In the future, We will increase new product departments according to the needs of customers and the development of the company.

Each business department of us has experienced excellent business team, advanced management experience and professional service consciousness ensure the steady development of the company's operation.

The company pays more attention to personnel training to offer perfect service to our customers. At present, all employees have bachelor's degree or above. The company also pays attention to building a learning and efficient operation team to provide a broad and stable development platform for employees. The company implements comprehensive performance evaluation standards such as achievement oriented and service to ensure the overall and healthy development of the company.

Our company's philosophy is "Introspection from the past, Action from now on, Think for the future" To make sure customers can get great innovative products , star service and mainly economic performance for business and employees can experience the warmth of "home". 



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